Google's New Call-Only Ads And Why They Should Be Part Of Your Strategy

Mobile devices in use is expected to hit 2.1 billion this year. Google statistics show:

  • 80 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to shop.

  • 70 percent of people searching on mobile will call a business directly from the search results.

Recently, Google's Adwords announced a new ad format for phones with call-only campaigns. It’s specifically targeted for businesses whose focus is phone calls. But even if part of your business relies partially on phone calls as opposed to clicks, it’s a strategy that you should seriously consider putting into your marketing mix.

Four Reasons Why These Ads Are Good For Your Business

1.  Phone number is at the top of the ad.  The phone number is the first thing you see in the ad – and with the word "Call" incorporated. This ad format on a mobile device is more likely to get the user to take an action.

2.  A click is a phone call, meaning you are only paying for phone calls.

3. More Control In Lead Gen. This is important because people are not relying on your website – they are relying on the person in your call center

4. Ability to Create More Targeted Ads.  Because the call to action is going to be the call itself, you are not focused on ad copy that is promoting a call. This is very different from your general ad copy, and requires a different focus. Use messaging such as "call for free estimate," or "talk with a specialist."

Call-only ads are a great way to promote your business by targeting your mobile customers.  Everyone is going mobile and so should your ad campaigns.

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