Digital marketing Consultant vs. Agency

Often times our new clients just left a national or regional digital marketing agency. The reasons for change are often the same - lack of performance, cost, local focus & personalized services.  

There are certainly many very good agencies and there are definitely many bad digital marketing consultants. Unfortunately it's like that show "Catch A Contractor" with many scheisters in this industry looking to take advantage of good businesses that simply want to trust their online marketing to someone who is qualified.  It seems every kid that took a graphic design or HTML class at the local community college has crowned himself SEO King and this is dangerous for many local businesses.

Since we already explained How To Hire A Digital Marketing Partner in a previous post, this time we will explain the difference between hiring a (qualified) agency vs. digital marketing consultant. 

  • What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing Agency and a Digital Marketing Consultant?  If you are working with an agency then you are assigned an account manager for all your needs. That is the major difference.  You will never speak to a programmer, Adwords, SEO or Social Media specialist.  Many agencies automate these tasks so the specialist often doesn't even exist.  When working with a consultant you speak directly with the person making changes to all facets of your digital marketing footprint.  This person typically has 10+ years experience as a senior digital marketer, very different from an account manager.
  • Consultants Customize Services to Meet Client's Needs.  A good consultant always has the customer's best interest and profitability in mind.  Consultants are not trying to grow the account, take over services or replace team members.  We are not going to force you into using our proprietary software so that you MUST rely on us because changing would be a major project.  A consultant keeps their eyes on the horizon and the engagement flexible so they can adapt to your needs, industry changes and emerging trends.  At eMaximize we never leverage our technology experience to trap our clients into long term engagements. Clients own their websites, campaigns, analytics and have keys to their domain.
  •  Consultants Work Well With Client Teams & Partners.  Because eMaximize operates in complete transparency with the single focus of making your business more profitable we become a valuable extension of your team.  Our success will always be based on our ability to work with client teams and their partners to increase revenue & profitability.  We are not trying to worm our way into other areas of your business, we stay in our lane and work diligently and efficiently so your team can focus on operations.

  • Consultants Are Extremely Loyal.  Consultants know how hard it is to find good clients and fight to keep them. At eMaximize, our entire business model is based on client relationships because we do not have a sales effort. This is why we place much more value on our clients than any account manager could. We would never work with any of your competitors.  If we already represent a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica (for instance) how could we effectively market another in the same location?  Do you think an agency would maintain this level of business etiquette & conflict of interest?

  • Consultants Bring A Local Focus Agencies Often Miss.  Working with a digital marketing agency often means your account manager is in another time zone.  This has some obvious drawbacks, one of which is not understanding your local community. Knowing the geographical area, local events & community is extremely critical when planning and executing SEO, PPC and Social Media strategies. Here at eMaximize Digital Marketing we meet all our clients in person.  We understand their local market and competitive landscape because we typically live close by.  We are always available for meetings to discuss new procedures, products or strategies or to have lunch and review quarterly results.  It makes sense to use a local expert if you are trying to drive local traffic to your business.
  • Digital Marketing Consultants Are Cost Effective.  Contracting with an agency means you will pay a premium for services and typically cannot deviate from "their plan".  You will be charged a fee for SEO , another fee to manage your Adwords and another for Facebook & Twitter updates.  Don't even think about asking them to make a change to your website, that's $100/hour with a one hour minimum. They have their plans which have hard costs and distinct boundaries. Working with eMaximize you will enjoy an all inclusive buffet with beverages.  All of our services are covered in one fee and we even throw in some programming and graphic design if needed.  We customize all services and fees to meet every client, because all clients have different challenges, goals and timelines.

These distinctions encapsulate what makes eMaximize the best digital marketing consultancy in Los Angeles.  They also explain why eMaximize has never needed to hire a business development or sales person.  All our business comes from referrals or repeat business from our happy clients.  We are effective, collaborative, and efficient.  We work well with clients and their business partners.  We focus on our area of expertise and recognize the expertise of your team.  These are the traits we deem essential for success and define eMaximize as digital marketing consultants!

Thanks For Reading!