The Good & Bad About WIX Sites


Creating a website has never been easier these days.  You no longer need to find a specialized programmer and pay thousands of dollars for a basic website.  There are several template driven website development tools that allow you to drag and drop content to publish your website.  Perhaps the most popular platform is

The success of WIX as a company is not necessarily a direct parallel to their effectiveness in producing a website that can compete with the likes of WordPress or Joomla, which are back-end content management systems (CMS).  WIX has many impressive templates that are ideal for local businesses, restaurants, dental practices, auto shops and artists such as musicians and photographers. They are automatically created with responsive design allowing them to be compatible for all mobile devices.  You can also add social media and many other widgets from the WIX App Market to give your site some dynamic content and rich flavor.

One of the best features of using WIX is that you can start building your site for free, you barely need to create an account.  They only charge you when you want to connect your site to  To run your site with a WIX ad on the header and footer it's roughly $6 per month and to remove these ads it's roughly $10 per month, both with annual payments.

WIX is clearly a valuable digital marketing development tool and provides local businesses and startups an easy way to get a good looking site up quickly.  You can easily add image slideshows, video, contact forms, Twitter and Facebook Feeds and Google Analytics to show you who is visiting your site.  Where it falls a bit short is with SEO, Blogging and Support.

Many businesses do not need robust SEO and Blogging features.  If your business needs to compete for Page One of Google for relevant keywords then WIX might not be the best strategy.

  • SEO - While WIX provides a very easy method for entering meta data and alt tags that are important to SEO, it provides this data to Google in an unusual manner called AJAX.   Basically this means that all the data that Google needs to index your site are served as a snapshot via javascript.  This makes the process difficult for Google web crawlers, not impossible but difficult.  WIX maintains that your pages are indexed, which they are, but not as easily as sites coded by WordPress or Joomla or even HTML.  There are countless tech blogs that discuss this, perhaps the best is this one.
  • Blogging - WIX Blogging is probably the biggest drawback of all their features, having several deficiencies including ease of use.  It's not SEO friendly and just weird showing an obvious lack of development.  WIX is aware of this however and has been improving their blogging feature.  While Content Marketing has risen to the top of every effective digital marketing strategy, WIX users can't get this feature tightened up quick enough.
  • WIX Support.  I have had several encounters and tickets opened with them.  It always amazes me when a company that claims to value its customers then forces them to an FAQ page or to technicians oversees simply repeating your question and the script in front of them.  They claim their call center is in San Francisco, which may be true but the technical folks answering your questions are far from the skill level of Go Daddy.  In addition this global company closes support at 5pm Pacific Time. (??)

I have every reason to believe WIX will get it together with respect to Google Indexing and Blogging and hopefully improve support. They are just too successful not to.  If you are a local business and need a site quickly this is a great solution.  If you plan to have a dynamic site with no limitations then WordPress is a much better strategy as long as you can afford to hire a quality digital marketing agency to support it.

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