Tweets Now Appearing In Google Results

Google has always claimed how hard it is to clean up the web, with all the outdated websites and spam news sources.  Now they plan to give away valuable real estate on page one to Twitter.  It was announced back in February that a new deal was struck between Twitter and Google which would see the indexing of tweets in Google’s search results.

Now, six months later, Google has implemented this feature.  Tweets are now included in all English desktop searches. Soon we will hear about tweets being included in mobile desktop searches.  

When you search for well known people or brands you get a stream of their latest tweets embedded in the search results pages.  See here.

Instead of getting some news about Richard Branson's latest projects, we are going to see what he had for breakfast.  This news is somewhat strange as Google has always wanted to keep their search results relevant, like an encyclopedia and/or newspaper.  Bringing social media into the SERPS puts them on a slippery slope.  

Only time will tell, and somewhere Mark Zuckerberg is stewing.