One of the Biggest Myths of Local Marketing

If you are a local service provider such as a doctor, dentist, lawyer or plumber then your ability to reach customers within a 15 mile radius is critical to your success. It's estimated that 1/3 of all Google searches have local intent (Q1 2015).  So when marketing your medical group or law practice, being Google search friendly is very important.

One of the biggest myths business owners think is necessary is having your primary keyword(s) in your domain name, e.g.,, or

For those businesses just starting out with a vague understanding of SEO, it may seem like this is necessary, but its not. For local search even more than regular keyword search, having the keyword embedded in your domain name likely isn’t going to lend advantage all that much above all the other SEO activities you really need to be doing in order to achieve rankings.

Additionally, it should be pointed out that for established businesses, somewhere around half of your organic search traffic is likely from your business name; so over time, the best approach is to focus your domain on your company name.

I've often said the early adopters of SEO were the hotel industry.  They started in the early 2000's because it was extremely beneficial to their bottom line, but how many times have you spent the night at Hoteliers don't worry about keywords in their domain name and neither should you.

Focus your efforts on the basics of SEO for local businesses and don't worry about the domain name.

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