We are always looking for ways to give back to the community.  We see ourselves as privileged to have our health, education and ability to be prosperous.  We do not take it for granted and do our best to give back to those less fortunate and make a positive impact on communities around the world.

Below are some of our events and organizations we have supported.

2015-19 - KIVA.org - Active member of Kiva loaning money to hardworking individuals looking to start a business or fix their home.  We have donated to individuals in Los Angeles, Oakland, Peru & Mexico so far and look forward to more!

2016-2017 - Ocean Conservation Society - Marina Del Rey  - Provide pro-bono digital marketing services to this nonprofit organization in Marina Del Rey, California, organized to conduct scientific and educational projects leading to the protection and conservation of our oceans

2010-17 - eMaximize Provides Relief To Haiti After Earthquake - We have been supporting JEBCA since 2010.

2013-16 - Toy Drive for Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach - Donated over $3000 worth of toys.

2008Our Conservatory - Co-Founded a non-profit after school music program for underprivileged youths in Los Angeles, receiving the Dick Van Dyke award for Music Achievement in City of Los Angeles.