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Digital Marketing For Medical Practices

If you are a doctor, dentist, chiropractor or any other medical or cosmetic provider then you understand the impact an SEO Company Los Angeles and digital marketing agency Los Angeles can have on your practice. It’s critical to your success. Digital Marketing for medical practices can also be confusing. Medical providers and practice managers are extremely busy running their practice and struggle to manage their website, social media, email marketing and monthly specials.

As always, eMaximize gives you the straight dope on digital marketing so you don’t waste your time with ineffective strategies. We will outline the critical aspects of digital marketing for medical practices that will gain you the most return on your investment.

Digital Marketing For Medical, Dental and Aesthetic

Quality Website – By quality we mean it is mobile compatible with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily add pages, specials, procedures and images, like WordPress. You also need a blog so you can create your own content. Your website is going to change more frequently than other businesses and it needs to be built with industry standard programming tools. WIX and Squarespace are not going cut it. Even industry platform sites offered by DentalCMO, ChiroMatrix and others will have limitations.

Search Engine Optimization – You are a local service provider with a lot of competition, therefore it’s critical that your website is found on Google when people search for doctor, dentist, Botox, chiropractor, etc. Now that you have a sturdy & flexible website, make sure you get quality SEO completed on your home page and most important service pages, at a minimum. You also need to have your Google Plus account setup properly because it drives your Google Maps listing which has a significant impact on Google’s search results.

Doctor & Staff Photos – New patients want to meet the doctor, it’s exciting to them. They don’t want to see stock photos of people with perfect teeth and skin. It’s the same reason people need to see photos on, except this is more personal. You must include photos of the doctor(s), staff, waiting and treatment rooms. This gives potential patients an idea of what their experience will be like.

Patient Reviews – This must be assigned to your operations team and be part of their follow-up procedures. Reviews are most important for medical providers, even more so than restaurants, and with good reason. Your team needs to be informed immediately when there is a bad review posted and respond appropriately. There are so many review sites now, choose the boards that are most important to your practice and ask your team to generate positive reviews each month. There are a number of ways to do this without looking like a solicitor. It’s just part of the deal, there is no getting around it.

Digital Advertising – If you are looking to attract new patients via the internet and social media, then you must advertise. Unless your practice sits in the middle of a college campus, or your chiropractic office is in a big box gym, you need to attract new patients each month. The best way to attract new patients is via Google and Social Media advertising. People forget that most online advertising is PPC Advertising or pay-per-click. It’s not like a billboard on the freeway, it’s much better. Your ad is shown to thousands of people searching for your specialty, in your location and you ONLY pay if they click on your ad. Your ads will be seen by an enormous amount of people for free. Implementing a good PPC campaign is the best way to attract new patients.

Responsive Digital Agency – You were waiting for this right? Lastly you need a quality digital marketing partner, a consultant or an agency that can respond quickly to your digital needs. A digital partner will help you:

  • Keep information current on your website
  • Create monthly email newsletters
  • Create new procedure pages or posts
  • Maintain your visibility in Google Search Results
  • Notify you of negative reviews and help respond.
  • Assist your team with posting to Social Media
  • Run Advertising campaigns on Google & Facebook.
  • Increase your revenue

As a medical provider you are in tough competition for shrinking real estate on the first page of Google. You are constantly playing defense against social media comments and reviews which can impact your practice quickly. Waiting weeks for SEO or content changes is not acceptable. Potential patients are looking at your many online profiles every day. You need someone on your team doing the same.

If you are looking for a medical marketing agency that you can rely on, by all means contact us by either of the buttons below.

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