5 Questions To Ask When Hiring SEO Services

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The SEO industry has evolved almost as much as the Google algorithm itself in recent years, but at times it can still appear shady and pay-to-play. This is unfortunate because there are so many good analysts that truly understand the complexity of SEO and offer valuable services.  These folks pale in comparison to the countless crooked agencies and unqualified consultants selling SEO services to honest business owners. If you’re thinking about working with an SEO Agency it’s important that you do some research to ensure you are working with good people. We really do exist!

Here are some common questions to ask an SEO Provider which should flush out the pretenders from the contenders.


Any reputable SEO, (Social Media or Web Development) company will have their address listed on their website.  If there is no address listed on the website, keep shopping for a new SEO Agency. That is the first sign something may not be on the up and up.   In addition they should have a photo and bio of themselves as well as some client testimonials. You don't want to be the guinea pig.  This is often the case when a programmer takes a one day SEO class at a community college then dons the title - SEO King.  Beware.


A trustworthy SEO provider will be open and straightforward about their experience and how long they have been studying the Google Algorithm and whether they were inhouse or worked with clients.  They should be able to provide multiple references. An experienced SEO provider doesn’t need to specialize in your industry, and some have used white labeled seo providers . It's often better to get a fresh perspective.  Make sure the SEO provider doesn’t say anything about having a relationship with Google. Nobody has a relationship with Google.  Also, make sure they are not in India, the work done in India is shoddy at best.  You get what you pay for.


Effective SEO providers should be able to talk about this with some level of certainty.  There is no right answer but it should foster a conversation about their thoughts on how SEO has changed.  For instance if they mention Keyword Meta Tags, then move on to the next provider because Keyword Tags were written out of the Google algorithm about a decade ago.  

There have been many big changes with SEO in the last several years and they should be able to discuss some of their challenges and strategies to adapt.


Inbound links are a ranking signal to the search engines. An inbound link is when another site has content with a link to your website. Inbound links are weighed heavily by Google when determining the order of search results.  While SEOs used to look for any link opportunity, today they should only build links on high quality sites that are related to the industry and top directory sites like CitySearch & YP.com. The SEO provider should mention that the best types of links are those that occur organically in articles on trusted websites like Huffington Post.


The industry saying is 'Content Is King', and its true.  Without content there is nothing to optimize.  The goal is to get people to share your content on social media with the idea that it drives traffic back to your site.  SEO providers should have a content strategy or ideas about their approach to generating content for your site.  Ask to see some samples or check out their own social media pages to get an idea.  We personally think its best to work with an SEO agency with a good sense of written humor. 

These are some simple questions to ask an SEO agency or consultant before you work with them. Keeping up to date with the daily Google algorithm changes requires complete attention and tenacity.  It's not something you can read in a book because by the time you are done with the book, the game has changed.  

Feel free to give us a call if you have any additional questions or are looking for SEO Services - we know a good team :)   

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