how to maintain your Google rankings

How To Maintain Your Google Rankings

Getting your website to appear on the first page of Google is extremely difficult. Keeping it there is even more of a challenge. Search Engine Optimization is not a sprint. It’s also not a one time fix. SEO is a never-ending ultra marathon and should be considered more like best practices than problem resolution. To compete for new customer leads online you must have an ongoing SEO Strategy.

There are many elements to a successful SEO Strategy.  You need to publish new content and constantly seek valuable backlinks to your content. As you continue to do these activities, you should hopefully see your organic traffic increasing which is a good signal that your Google rankings are improving for your relevant keywords.

Like many things in life, when we see desired results we get complacent and stop following best practices. This is exactly what you should not do. Now that you have finally climbed that mountain and got your website to the coveted first page of Google, you need to step on the gas!  Keeping your website on the first page of Google may be even harder than getting there. Competition is fierce among the first ten search results and all the businesses in those slots most likely have a well thought out SEO strategy from a reputable SEO Company Los Angeles, like eMaximize!

Here are some SEO strategy tips to help maintain your Google ranking.

Keep On Keeping On

It’s so important to continue working on your SEO strategy. There are many reasons why businesses might feel compelled to stop. Some believe that since they achieved the results they wanted, they no longer need to continue. Other businesses might need to cut costs due to a sudden revenue decline. Often SEO is the first to be cut from budgets. You must have tenacity and constantly look for cost-effective ways to get the same results, but you cannot stop.

Often when businesses realize that their SEO efforts are working they change the game and try new tactics. This makes no sense. The reason your ranking improved is because of the work and strategy you devised. When your SEO strategy is working, you need to stick with it, You shouldn’t make any changes. You got this far because you were consistent, if you stop, your results may start to decline.

Add Quality Content To Your Website

There are two basic factors that impact search results when it comes to content. Quality and new content are considered important ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. The saying Content is King holds true when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

If your business has a lot of competitors and your website only has 4-5 pages (Home, About, Services, Contact, etc), you risk falling below competitor sites that are larger and have more content.  There are so many reasons why, perhaps the easiest to understand is that more pages means more times your website is indexed by Google.  So instead of rowing your boat with those 4-5 oars (pages), you are rowing with 50 oars.

The days of making simple changes just to impact rankings are long over. Focus instead on creating new quality content and giving the website a greater visual appeal. This will please not only the search engines, but also your audience. The amount of time visitors spend on your site is also considered a good signal by Google.

 Check Website Speed

The speed at which your website loads is an important factor that definitely impacts SEO. More importantly it greatly impacts your new customer lead generation which is the whole reason you engage in SEO! If people visit your website and everything loads slowly, they won’t stay. Over time, Google will notice your ‘bounce rate’ and will negatively adjust your search engine rankings. Google wants to show quality content from reputable websites. If they see the majority of visitors leaving a site in a few seconds Google will conclude that content is not engaging or appropriate for the search phrase.

Social Media Can Help SEO

Social media isn’t typically considered a top Google ranking factor. But that is not to say it should be ignored. Furthermore I would argue that it does help SEO Ranking. Social media can generate traffic to your website, enhance brand recognition, and increase engagement. When you share original content on social media that people want to read, you boost traffic to your site. Increases in quality traffic is something that Google monitors and will reward you. It’s considered best practices or white hat SEO strategy.


Hopefully these tips are helpful and getting you thinking about your SEO Strategy. The reward is extremely valuable and fun. It’s exciting to see your website rank on the first page of Google ahead of your competitors, especially if they are larger organizations. If you are looking for a custom SEO Strategy that meets your budget, send us a note –

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