most common seo mistakes on websites

Most Common SEO Mistakes on Websites

If your website developer says he doesn’t do SEO, then you need a new website developer.  It’s that simple. It’s time to get away from your aunt’s neighbor or the kid who offices at Starbucks and get on with a professional. It’s just too darn important for your business.

SEO and web development are mutually dependent.  You cant be successful at one without the other. Gone are the days of launching a simple four page website and expecting your business to be found.  The internet is so saturated with websites right now that search engines can barely keep up.

It’s important to know that web developers aren’t SEO professionals and SEO professionals aren’t web developers.  Business owners shouldn’t assume their developer implemented proper SEO techniques on their website just because they hired a professional web developer.  A good developer understands that implementing SEO on a new site build is critical.  What good is a website if nobody can find it?  Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes on websites that we see often.

Using The Same Title and Description Tags on All Pages

Most people are under the impression that your website is what gets indexed in Google.  This is not the case. Each individual page of your website is what Google indexes and appears in search results.  More often than not, its the home page. Blog posts, service pages, contact pages also get indexed.

It’s important that every page of your website has a unique title and description tag that incorporates keywords and guides google how to index your website.  We see so many sites that have “Home” as the title tag across all pages of the site and nothing for the description tag that also appears in search results. Website developers often ignore this part claiming “Its not my job” themselves.  To check your Title tags, simply hover the cursor over your browser tab and see what’s there.  Then do it for all the pages in your website. If they are all the same, you need a new web developer.  We just happen to know a guy. 🙂


Creating a Website With Too Much Imagery

This was a common mistake in the 2000’s when Adobe Flash became a prominent tool in website design.  Everyone wanted a jazzy introduction to their website like a movie trailer.  The only problem is that the Google bot that crawls the web didn’t know what to do when it encountered Flash. It’s not smart enough to watch a movie or look at images and understand what they are.  The Google Bot can only read.  If there is no text then it struggles to index a website.  The same principles hold true now.

We often see websites that have very little text (or copy) on them. You can’t be indexed for Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency if your website doesn’t say Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency on it … several times. Good websites have a balance of imagery and SEO copy that convey their message and branding but also help Google crawl the site for indexing.

Installation of Website Security – SSL

Have you noticed that some website URL’s begin with HTTP and some have HTTPS?  The latter means that the website is encrypted for added security. HTTPS is a protocol for securing the communication between two systems e.g. the browser and the web server.  This is not a luxury feature any more.  Google announced a few years ago that they will give preference in search results to websites that have HTTPS installed.  Furthermore, most browsers like Chrome will have a small message that says “website not secure” when you access a website without HTTPS.  Not a great first impression for your new website visitors. Bottom line:  Get HTTPS installed, It’s typically around $80/year at GoDaddy or whomever hosts your site.

There you have it, website development and SEO go hand in hand. One cannot succeed without the other. SEO mistakes can cost your business revenue. When SEO Is done properly and ongoing, it sure is exciting to see your website rank on the first page of Google ahead of your competitors, especially if they are larger organizations.

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