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Why & When to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

When it comes to marketing your business, you need to create a strategic plan, a marketing strategy. You also need someone to execute the strategy and constantly optimize it for results. These are typically skills that most business owners do not have as they are experts at running their business.

In general, you will likely perform this work in-house, outsource the work, or a combination of both of these options. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a form of outsourcing, but before you dive in and take that option, it is important to understand exactly the right time to hire an agency.

Agencies are Better Than Freelancers

Before you hire a top digital agency, it is important to understand that there is a key difference between hiring freelancers and hiring a digital marketing agency. In general, you pay freelancers only to execute the work. For example, you may hire a freelancer to write articles for your company blog, or copy for your website, but these freelancers are only just performing the work. All the strategic decisions concerning the details on how and what to write were determined in-house.

When you hire a top digital marketing agency, you should understand that you are getting more than just a freelancer to execute the work. You are getting a level of expertise that most freelancers don’t have, and you are also paying money to have access to this expertise. This means that most agencies thrive when they determine the strategy that they will then execute.

When Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

When you hire an agency, you should expect them to do more than just execute the work, they need to craft the strategy and optimize. This means that if all you want is someone to do the work, an agency may not be the best option. This option also requires that you have a deep understanding of digital marketing – SEO, PPC, Social, Web & Lead Gen.

So, when should you hire an agency for your digital marketing? Here are some of the ideal situations that will make hiring one your best bet:

  • Agencies give strategic advice. If you need to improve your lead gen which may require an overhaul to your existing strategy, you should hire an agency. You want their knowledge and experience from working with similar clients like your business.  They know what works and what is a waste of time and money.
  • Work will be performed by experts. When you hire freelancers, it is really difficult to know how much expertise they really have. With an agency, chances are pretty good that you are hiring the top talent in their fields.
  • Continually Optimize & Adjust Strategy. A good agency will monitor your progress and make changes to the strategy along the way. They know when it is time to make strategic changes. Of course, freelancers aren’t in tune with your results, and it is up to you to determine if changes need to be made and then instruct them to make the changes.  That is the key difference.

Of course, the above advice about digital marketing agencies all assume that you will be hiring a top California digital marketing agency, like eMaximize.  There are far too many subpar digital agencies that are learning on the fly.  Do your homework before you partner with one.  Your business is too important to be a training ground for your agency.


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