SEO Strategies All Businesses Should Adopt

Running your own business is rewarding, exciting & motivating. It can also be a huge time sucker in the sense that you often engage in too much DIY activity. One of those activities is marketing. It either falls to the way side or like many local businesses, you delegate to your web programmer who is not interested or lacks the skills to be effective.

Whether you are managing a restaurant, medical practice, automotive shop or law firm, digital marketing for a local business is critical to its branding, revenue and ultimately success. Well you are in luck because we are going to provide you with three SEO strategies that all businesses should adopt.

1. Go Big, Go Mobile or Go Bankrupt

Many local businesses websites were built over 5 years ago. They may have had a mobile “retrofit” recently but that may not be enough to be mobile device compatible. Several years ago a technology called “responsive design” emerged. This is a programming technique that builds your website so that it checks the size of the device before it loads images and content. This way you only build one website and its works for desktop, tablet & mobile.

Google has already altered their search ranking algorithm to give preference to sites that have strong mobile compatibility. Small businesses need to design their sites with mobile in mind or they risk losing business.  Many industries are seeing mobile account for over 50% of their website traffic. Go mobile or be left behind.

2. Claim Your Google Maps Real Estate

All local business owners should be checking to see how their business looks on the in search results, this includes Google (& Bing) map results. If you have a brick and mortar business with a physical location then Google has already created a map listing.

You need to create a login for Google My Business and claim and verify your listing. Google will send a postcard with a PIN to verify that you have a physical address. Once verified you must update your listing with the correct contact information, location, description and photos. This is no different than your Facebook business page in fact its Google’s competitor to Facebook except this is what shows on Google Maps and mobile devices when people are searching for your services. If you take away nothing else, understand that if you want to rank higher in Google, then it makes sense to use Google products.

3. Hit Me One Time SEO Master

The third SEO digital marketing task you should perform for your business is On-Page SEO. Do this at least one time. Contact a reputable digital marketing agency and have them modify your website to make it search engine friendly. This should cost you about $800-1200 depending on the size of your website and will pay dividends in terms of local search. They will talk with you about your core services and make sure you can be found online when people search on Google. SEO is a tireless beast and if you want to stay at the forefront of search results it should be done monthly. However, if you are not willing to pay for monthly services then at very least get on-page SEO done once and done correctly.

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