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The Best Commercials of 2022 … So Far

Commercials and video advertisements are hitting new heights in creativity.  Every month we see new television commercials and advertisements that catch our eye and evoke feelings. We are keeping a running list of the best commercials of 2022, since the Super Bowl.   Let us know if we missed one!  Here  are the top three .. so far.

The Best Commercials, Television Spots and Ads of 2022


3.  AirBnb

What We Like

AirBnB’s first national commercial in five years could not have come at a better time with vacation angst at an alltime high and summer travel expected to boom.  This advertisement touches the nerve of an extremely wide audience, including people wanting to “get away”, hip hop fans, baby boomers and anyone with a boo or bae as they say in this TV Spot.  Bae is a term that often appears in hip hop songs, meaning (B)efore (A)nyone (E)lse.  Incidentally the couple in this commercial are from Spain and have been together for 57 years. Congratulations Valenti and Maria Luísa!  Magnifico AirBnb!

2. United States Army


What We Like

The US Army has entered the advertising chat room. They have been putting together clever recruitment commercials for the past two years.  While they take a lot of criticism for what people are calling “Woke Advertising”, they are the United States F’n Army; they could care less what people are saying in comment sections and Twitter.  They don’t have emotional armor, they have real armor.  The timing of this ad is also on point as many young adults are questioning their chosen profession while in their pajamas on Zoom.  The best part of this ad is pointing out how little companies do for their employees and tickling this nerve. Free bagels. Brilliant!

1.  Grand Theft Auto V

What We Like

Rockstar Games announced their launch of Grand Theft Auto V with a new commercial last month and a familiar 70’s classic song – Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.  They could not have picked a better song.  Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997 and has gone on to become arguably the most popular game of all time, selling several hundred million copies.  Clearly its core fan base is Generation X and they know and love this song.

The video component of this television commercial evokes a feeling of the 1985 crime thriller To Live & Die in LA with nostalgic driving scenes all around Los Angeles.  Advertising should always be measured in sales and GTA5 just became the second biggest selling game of all time surpassing 160 million copies since its release date (second to Minecraft).  That’s why we have them as our leader for Best Commercial of 2022.


Thanks for reading and please follow us on Facebook to stay informed of any changes to this list. By all means send us a note if you have a commercial or video advertisement for consideration.  You might also dig our lifestyle blog – The Rugged Male.



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