best television commercials of 2023

The Best Television Commercials of 2023

The best tv commercials and video advertisements are hitting new heights in creativity.  Every month we see new television commercials and advertisements that catch our eye and evoke feelings. We are keeping a running, curated list of the Best Television Commercials of 2023.  Let us know if we missed one. Here is our current leaderboard.

The Best TV Commercials of 2023


5.  Progressive Insurance

What We Like

This tv ad from Progressive is one of the best television commercials of 2023 and it might just be the funniest television commercial from 2023.  Dr. Rick was created by Mike Sullivan at Arnold ad agency in Boston.  The goal was to promote Progressive’s homeowner insurance and Sullivan’s idea was to capture the metamorphosis that people go through when they buy a house – the whole ‘get off my lawn’ notion.   After several television commercials shot more like a documentary, Sullivan came up with the idea of having Dr. Rick lead support groups.  This one is chock full of humor and connects with young homeowners who often make fun of their parents. It even opens with a pot roast recipe on the screen – brilliant!

What We Don’t Like

Like many of the commercials in this list, it’s hard to find a flaw with this advertisement. The television commercial is so popular and funny that people may forget the brand, especially since Flo is typically remembered as the spokesperson for Progressive.  But that’s splitting hairs.  This is definitely one of the best commercials of 2023. Bravo!


4.  The North Face

What We Like

This ad campaign from North Face is one of best television commercials of 2023 because it reminds the viewer of the quality and longevity of North Face products.  It also reminds the viewer that they most likely owned (and still own) North Face gear, igniting a sense of familiarity with the brand, like seeing an old fiend.  The campaign brings North Face back to its roots, the outdoors. It was created by the agency B-Reel and is narrated by Alex Honnold, the most famous free solo climber in the world, who reminds us that “there’s no such thing as solo”, stating that North Face always has your back.  Well done!

What We Don’t Like

Many might consider this a makeup campaign after North Face endured backlash from an earlier 2023 ad where they featured a drag queen on Instagram to show their support for Pride.  The simple minded congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert were calling for a boycott of The North Face (deep thinkers)The North Face stood firm, saying ‘We stand with those who support our vision for a more inclusive outdoor industry”.

The ‘Always Have Your Back’ ad campaign may seem like a make-up ad, but not to us. It’s just good business and great marketing, which is why this ad campaign is on our list of the best television commercials of 2023!


3. FanDuel

What We Like

This FanDuel ad is one of the best tv commercials of 2023 featuring Charles Barkley and a deepfake younger version of him, Young Chuck, sitting side by side.  Young Chuck in his Phoenix Suns uniform marvels over his future self’s home and asks Charles if he can still dunk. The deepfake overlays Barkley’s digitally generated and de-aged face over a real actor’s body, though the voice seems to be that of Charles rather than a AI generated voice.

What We Don’t Like

Nobody in professional sports seems to be concerned with massive sports betting organizations like FanDuel getting a little too close to the game.  The NBA claims they are socially conscious, but yet promote gambling on air, during games that children are watching.  We are also wondering why Young Chuck was in a Phoenix Suns jersey vs a Sixers jersey. Chuck played for the Sixers when he was Young Chuck’s age (and body).  Perhaps the Sixers denied this request from FanDuel. The ousted owner of the Suns, Robert Sarver certainly doesn’t have a conscience. 🤔


2. Tide

What We Like

This Tide commercial from Procter & Gamble is one of the best television commercials of 2023!  They mashed together viral internet videos, many of which the viewer has some familiarity.  Then they do a masterful insert of actor Kumail Nanjiani.  He actually looks like he is in the videos.  This 2023 television commercial immediately engages the viewer, much like watching Ridiculousness, you cant turn away.  It also does a great job of keeping the product top of mind. So many clever commercials are remembered, but you don’t remember the brand. Think about the camel saying “hump day”. Can you remember the brand?  Nope.  This television commercial is hard to beat in creativity, production and branding, it’s also social media friendly so it gets shared a lot.  Our guess is that it was probably cheaper to make than most big brand commercials as well. Bravo! 👏👏

What We Don’t Like

It might re-ignite the eating of Tide Pods among teenagers. 🤦‍♂️


1. PopCorners 

What We Like

PopCorners latest ad is our pick for the best television commercial of 2023!  It has been six years since the blockbuster series Breaking Bad’s finale.  PopCorners seizes the opportunity to quench millions of fans thirst by bringing back Walter White and Jesse Pinkman with a new series of 2023 television commercials. But they didn’t stop there. They also hired Vince Gilligan, the series creator to write the commercials. Brilliant!

In the ad, Walt and Jesse are back in the iconic “Breaking Bad” RV cooking up a batch of air-popped snacks. As Jesse raves over the PopCorners chips, Walt reminds his partner, “No, we don’t eat our own supply.”  A line supplied by Gilligan, I’m sure.  Just when you think you know where it’s going, Jesse says. “Everyone’s going to want a taste, and I know just the guy to talk to”. Boom, enter Tuco, Breaking Bad’s villain who does a marvelous job acting in this commercial.

Throughout the entire commercial there is a ton of product placement, product description and even product pronunciation when Mr. White tells Tuco, “Say PopCorners”.  The 2023 tv commercial closes with the line “Break Into Something Good”.

What We Don’t Like

There is really not much to criticize about this 2023 television commercial.  It’s so well written, produced and from a marketing and advertising standpoint, it strongly engages the viewer and enhances the brand.  If we had to nitpick, I guess we could say something negative about PopCorners being created by (fictional) meth dealers.  This might offend some people, but not us, so we won’t say it. 🙂

The PopCorners Breaking Bad commercial is well Deserving of our choice for Best Television Commercial of 2023!

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