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Who Are Bing’s Syndicated Search Partners?

If you are running PPC ad campaigns on Bing or Yahoo then you may have seen a choice to advertise on the Syndicated Search Partner Network when you were setting up your PPC campaign.  The Syndicated Search Partner Network is similar to Google’s Search partners.

Bing’s Syndicated Partner Network Website

Bing’s Syndicated Partner Network is a group of third-party websites which Bing has allowed to use their search box.  Each website in the Syndicated Search Partner Network will have an internet search box.  Users may browse the internet without leaving the syndicated search partner site.

Bing & Yahoo are one in the same as far as search results go. So when someone enters a query on a search partner network website, Bing will perform the query and send the results back to the search partner website to display.  Bing, Yahoo & Google allow sites to do this because they make money on ad clicks and so does the syndicated search partner.  CNET is a good example. The results displayed from this search box come from Bing/Yahoo.

bing yahoo search partner network list

Our agency position on search partner advertising is to avoid them. These sites are loosely regulated and many of the Bing search partner sites engage in arbitrage – sending tons of clicks and queries to their own site to increase revenue.

The following are just some of Bing and Yahoo’s Syndicated Search Partner Sites.

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